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District LFS Trainers:

The following district employees have been trained as LFS trainers.  They welcome your questions and offer their assistance as you work to implement the LFS model in your classroom.

Aleta Thompson, District ELA/Curriculum Specialist, athompson@cape.k12.de.us

Brett Haughey, Teacher, Cape Henlopen High School, brett.haughey@cape.k12.de.us

Kim Corbidge, Teacher, H.O. Brittingham Elementary School, kcorbidge@cape.k12.de.us

Kevin Monaghan, Assistant Principal, Milton Elementary School, kmonaghan@cape.k12.de.us

Valarie Sockriter, Teacher, Rehoboth Elementary School, valarie.sockriter@cape.k12.de.us

Nikki (Maria) Miller, Assistant Principal, Cape Henlopen High School, maria.miller@cape.k12.de.us

Shay Eli, Reading Specialist, Milton Elementary School, shay.eli@cape.k12.de.us

Cathy Miller, Reading Specialist, H.O. Brittingham Elementary School, catherine.miller@cape.k12.de.us

Nichole O'Brien, Teacher, Milton Elementary School, nichole.obrien@cape.k12.de.us

Sarah Mushrush, Teacher, Cape Henlopen High School, sarah.mushrush@cape.k12.de.us

Corryn Nikodemski, Teacher, Mariner Middle School