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About Our School

The Sussex Consortium, located in the Cape Henlopen School District, is a public school program serving special needs students from Sussex County, Delaware. The school serves over 140 students through its Intensive Learning Center (ILC) classrooms, its program for the Hard of Hearing and Profoundly Deaf, and the Sussex County chapter of the Delaware Autism Program. Spread out across nine buildings in the district, students ranging in age from three to twenty-one are instructed based on their Individualized Education Programs.


About Our Program


Many students receive additional services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and adaptive physical education. The Consortium's programs and training techniques have been studied by, and used as models for, schools throughout the area. Several staff members and administrators have been published in professional journals, magazines, and books over the years, as well as having presented on various related topics at state, regional and national conventions.

The Sussex Consortium is a comprehensive program, Pre-K through age 21, with a foundation in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).Through specific methodology, the Sussex Consortium offers individualized instruction, preparing students for successful transitions toward a meaningful adult life. Schools from as far away as Japan and Australia have visited our program to see the model implemented.


Sussex Consortium Delaware Autistic Program

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